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GOODSAM SOLUTIONS is a trusted company to help ease the difficulty of selling your house. When you sell your house in “as is” condition to us, you won’t have to worry about repairs, renovations or open house showings. 

There are NO commissions, NO fees, and we pay ALL closing costs. Typically, the entire process from signing an agreement to cash in hand can be as quick 14 business days . It’s that easy!

The entire process from signing an agreement to cash in hand is about 14 days.

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FREE, no-risk consultation
You sell directly to us,
AS IS with no hidden fees.
After agreeing to the best possible offer, sign the agreement
You choose the closing date, we pay the closing costs and you receive your CASH!

When you say “I Want To Sell My House For Cash” just like the Good Samaritan, you can trust GOODSAM SOLUTIONS.


We will make the process quick, easy, and most importantly safe, for you. When it comes to selling your house, it is important to know the differences in HOW to sell your house. Realtors, virtual home buyers, and inexperienced real estate investors often make a “promising” offer with either

1. Never seeing your house or

2. Charging last minute hidden fees

The initial price they give you is definitely not the final price you walk away with. How unfair is that?


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What kind of houses do we buy?

Needs Cosmetic Repairs
Facing Foreclosure
Structural Issues
Undesirable Neighborhood
Seller Wants to Relocate
Inheritance Property 
Vacant Property 
Fire/Water Damage
and Many More! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Typically Sells To You?

Typically, people who sell their houses to us are looking to sell their house quickly for a cash offer. Some reasons people sell their houses are: •Their property is distressed and they have no plan of fixing it. •Possibly facing a foreclosure. •The neighborhood is undesirable or the crime rate is high. •They want to sell without having to fix any repairs. •They need to relocate for work. •Facing a divorce and need to get rid of the property. •...and many more reasons. If you or someone you know are in any of these predicaments please do not hesitate to contact us so we can provide you with help that will satisfy your needs

What Exactly Are You Looking For In A House?

We are willing to buy houses in either “as is” or poor condition. Here are some things we look for in a potential house to buy: •Houses with structural damage ranging from sunk in roofs to electrical problems. •Houses with high interest rates or facing foreclosures. •Houses associated with bad memories such as divorce or death. •Houses that are vacant due to the seller having multiple properties. •Houses that were inherited but have no use to the seller. •...and many more.

How Does The Buying Process Work?

1. Call To Schedule. Get a FREE no-risk, no-obligation consultation. Give us a little bit more information about the property you are looking to sell. Call us at: 561-800-3960. 2. Get Your Cash Offer. We will schedule a visit to come out and see the house in person. During this visit we will evaluate the condition of the property and make you a cash offer. If you do not currently live in the same state/location as the property we can discuss other options in regards to the visit. 3. Agreement. Like previously stated, you are absolutely under NO obligation to accept our cash offer. In the event you do, we will move forward with signing the agreement documents. 4. PAY DAY. Once the agreement is signed and accepted, you choose a closing date that best works for you. We pay ALL the closing costs and you get your CASH! It’s that easy.

How Is My Cash Offer Determined?

Before we make you an offer, we will evaluate the property based on some of these following factors: •The property’s current condition. •The approximate cost of repairs the property will need. •The amount of time it takes to repair the property. •The value of the home after repairs and renovations compared to other houses in the area. •The cost of real estate commissions needed to sell your home. •...and many more.

What Fees Does GOODSAM SOLUTIONS Charge?

We charge NO FEES. This includes coming out to visit the property. This is at NO cost to you. Contact us for your FREE no-risk, no-obligation CASH offer now.

How Quickly Will I Be Able To Sell My House?

Our process from signed contract to cash in hand could be in as little as 14 business days. Call us at: 561-800-3960 or simply fill out your information in our contact form. More often than not, you will receive a CASH offer on the spot of seeing your property.

How Long Will It Take To Get My Cash?

Unlike realtors and other buyers, we can get cash in your hand in as little as 14 business days after accepting our best offer and signing the agreement.

What If I Have Other Questions?

If we have not answered any other questions you may have please do not hesitate to contact us at: 561-800-3960. We are always happy to help to the best of our abilities.

Whenever Someone Is Selling A House It Is An Individualized Experience. We Are Here To Help Ease That Experience. We Get To The Solution That Fits And Fixes All Of Your Specific Needs.


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